Can Pest Control Get Rid Of Snakes?

Can Pest Control Get Rid Of Snakes?

Snakes… they have been the ruin of the human race since time immemorial. How did this come into being? Well, snakes have learned that by living closer to humans they have an abundant food source. While some species of snake are harmless, their presence is a source of fear, and venomous species are deadly.

Snakes can also indirectly harm us by living in such proximity that it gives them the chance to bit us. In this article, we will examine the efficacy of pest control in getting rid of snakes.

Can pest control get rid of snakes? The answer is no; pest control can’t get rid of snakes. Pest control can only manage small insects. Since snakes are reptiles the only way to take them away from your home and surrounding is to catch them.

I understand how intense you’re on sighting a snake in or around your home; the feeling is horrible, and the fear that this snake might hurt your loved ones has taken over your thought and imagination. The solution is here. We’ve got you covered!

What Attracts Snakes?

A snake may be attracted to homes if there are shelter and food that are unknowingly being provided by humans. Brown snakes and Taipans feast on rodents and they are drawn to gardens where they can hunt mice or rats. The python may eat birds like chickens. Snakes are also live in roof cavities where they hunt for preys like possums and rats.

Brown snakes generally, feeds on feathered creatures like chickens, and they can get trapped inside the coop after eating one. Snakes may hunt during the night and draw closer to your window sills to find wall geckos and other prey.

Tree snakes can come into your house to hunt for frogs during the day, and they are always seen around gardens. Carpet pythons may curl up in the roof cavities or ceiling where they get the warmth and security they want.

How to Know If You Have Snakes?

Snakes are a reptile, and they like to hide so you may not know if they’re around until you see them. However, snakes shed their skins several times per year so you might see the shed skins they leave behind. This is one sign you have snakes around. Also, if you live in a dirty area, you might even see twisty trails as they slither along

Are Snakes Bad For The Garden?

Some people believe that snakes are great for the garden. They will actively control other garden pests, like rats and mice which can destroy entire crop fields, cause havoc on your plants, and invade your home. The reason for getting rid of snakes around your house is not for the ecological benefit, but safety reasons

Designing an Anti-Snake Garden to Get Rid Of Snakes

Snakes love damp areas where an ample food source is present. Thick floral ground coverage attracts rats, which in turn become a food source for snakes. They can shade under shrubs and anywhere that they can feed. So, designing an anti-snake garden entails incorporating plants that repel snakes.

Plants that repel snakes vary depending on your natural ecosystem. Shockingly, no single plant will uniquely repel all snakes from your garden. Nevertheless, if you are going to use them correctly, they can be useful. Anything a snake smells from the moment of birth will be a comforting smell to the snake.

Therefore, if you are trying to get rid of snakes in your house or area using anti-snake gardening and growing plants that repel snake, the battle is uphill.

Can Pest Control Get Rid Of Snakes?

Most people believe that pest control can get rid of snakes. However, this belief is wrong. Pest control can kill insects but can’t kill snakes. Since pest control entails using different sprays to remove or destroy the insects in the house; there is no spray chemical available that have the ingredients sufficient enough to kill snakes.

There is only a straightforward method for getting rid of snakes in your home or vicinity. This method is easy and straightforward. It takes nothing away from you and requires home tools. If you’re someone who has a phobia for snakes and don’t want them around you or loved ones, this method is your winning line.

So, if you see a snake around your garden or home and the snake is your pest, then the best (and probably the only) way to kill them is to capture them using a trap, tong, and hand physically.

Pest control chemicals and reagents are not produced to deal with reptiles, mammals, and larger animals. Pest control can only manage small insects. Since snakes are reptiles, the only way to take them away from your home and surrounding is to catch them.

What about chemicals?

While you might think your home and surrounding is safe from snakes because you have applied specific chemical and heat treatment that promises to get rid of snakes. You have to be careful on the route you’re taking to avoid snakes in your house because there is no scientifically proven chemical known to get rid of snakes

How to get rid of snakes?

There is a question “Can I get rid of the snakes by myself?”. Yes, you can, but these steps are nerve-racking and require a professional. Although there isn’t any pest control technique or method that can get rid of snakes we are going to give you some tips on how you can get rid of snakes.

Keep Rodents Away From Your House

Rodents such as rats are one of the primary food sources for snakes, so ensure you don’t have any in your home garden or inside your house. Snakes make use of their tongue to sniff and track prey, so perceiving the scent of a rodent inside your home might lead them inside your house as well.

Always Trim The Flowers In The Garden And Keep The Grass Short

If you have a garden, still make sure you cut the flowers and keep the grass short as this will discourage snakes from crawling about near your surroundings. Snakes usually use grown grass to cover themselves to avoid being seen by predators like cats and dogs. And since snakes are reptiles and almost all reptiles are cold-blooded animals, they use the shade from shrubs to stay cool when the sun is out.

This is a good reason why you should not let the grass in your garden to grow tall very tall because lots of snakes are using it for cover. On the off chance you spot a snake in your garden, do not attack, back off and use your trap to catch the snake.

Mulch With Sharp Materials

Spread rock chips, pine cones, and other uncomfortable to slither in the area that you want snakes to keep a strategic distance.

Eliminate Wet Fields

Snakes are cold-blooded, so they prefer cool and damp areas, so do the needful by eliminating water sources on or close to your property. Address drainage problems to dry up your fields and bring in more sunlight to send snakes running.

Place Fitting Fence Around Your House

If your home is closer or near a forest reserve, then you’re more vulnerable to being bitten or seeing snakes around your house because snakes love the forested environment. The most viable option to protect your household from a possible snake bit is to set up a perimeter fence around your home.

This serves as the first line of defense and will prevent snakes from coming close or making a nest around your house.

Seal Up Cracked Walls

Cracks on the wall are opening that may invite snakes to enter your house. Snakes have flexible bodies, and they can easily pass through flattest crevice without anyone noticing and might convert these crevices as their entry point. Make sure to seal off cracks on the damaged walls.

Secure Your Outdoor Pets

Snakes will snatch bunnies out of a hutch, know it today that snakes view your outdoor pets as another secure source of food. Shoulder the pains and protect your pets against predator

What should you do with a snake after you catch it?

When you have captured the snake, contact the wildlife control in your area to know if the law prohibits killing them or moving them. However, the most feasible options are either kill it or leave it in a place that is far away from your house where the snake can go elsewhere.

Do Snake Repellents work?

Laboratory trials had confirmed that snake repellents do not work. Some of these repellents that promises to get rid of snakes may even attract snakes. Research done in the US has it that when snakes are born, they immediately associate with scents within the environment and may well link those scents with a safe environment, to the degree that such scents may attract snakes in future.

A recent study was done at Wits University, and substances tested included, Snake Repellent, Mothballs, Jeyes Fluid, and some plants, yet none of the snakes repelled in any way.

Summary: Can Pest Control Get Rid Of Snakes?

Unfortunately, pest control isn’t going to get rid of the snake and remove it from your home. After all, that isn’t the function of chemical or heat treatment used in pest control. If there are snakes around or in your house, and you want to get rid of the snakes, use the already discussed method above.

Other tips of getting rid of snakes from your premises include getting rid of rats and keeping your surroundings clean as these are the major attractions for snakes. More so, the next step is to make sure that all the entrance such as your doors and windows are perfect. Repair the damaged walls.

Related questions

What can I do if my kid gets bitten by a snake? If you or your loved ones got bitten by a snake, call an emergency service immediately and get the victim to a hospital. Ideally, find out the type of snake it was as this would help during treatment. 

What should I do when I see a snake around my house? Snakes are difficult to identify on first sight, especially if they are moving fast. Always assume that all snakes are poisonous and quietly back off if you’re in close quarters with the snake. Call the snake removal experts as quickly as possible to help.

Are snakes harmful? Generally, there are two groups of snakes, venomous and non-venomous. The venomous snakes are harmful while the latter are harmless but will bite humans when their habitat is threatened or out of self-defense.

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