Does Bird Repellent Gel Really Work? Complete review

Does Bird Repellent Gel Really Work? Complete review

Is your yard covered in bird droppings, feathers, and other related nuisances? Unwanted birds can be unsightly and disgusting pests. If you have a bird problem, chances are you feel like you have tried everything at this point with little to no success. And when you see other people turning to solutions such as repellent gel, it makes you wonder if these methods are effective.

So, does bird repellent gel really work? Generally, bird repellent gel is more effective for larger birds such as pigeons, but not as much for smaller ones like woodpeckers. The gel works by irritating a bird’s feet so that they avoid the area you want them to stay away from.

Today, we’re going to talk in-depth about bird repellent gel. We’ll evaluate how it works, how effective it is, and we will even talk about some of the best bird repellent gel brands. So, let’s get started with this in-depth review of repelling birds with gel.

Does bird repellent gel really work?

When you read about someone who has successfully used bird repellent gel, you must be wondering if this is a product that is too good to be true.

After all, nobody wants to invest in something that might not work the way they want it to. How many times have you bought a product that made outrageous claims, yet did nothing it was advertised to do?

But it has been my experience that bird repellent gel works effectively if used correctly. When you invest in a good brand and apply it correctly, there is no reason that this gel doesn’t work well in order to repel birds away from your property.

However, the first thing you should keep in mind is that bird repellent gel usually works better on larger birds, not smaller ones. You should do some research on the particular type of birds that are on your property, and whether or not gel is effective in deterring them.

The Basics of How Bird Repellent Gel Works

Simply speaking, a repellent gel is used to prevent birds from landing and perching on surfaces. When they land on the gel, it will begin sticking to their feet. No matter what a bird does, it cannot step on an area where the gel is being used without it sticking to them.

And while the gel will not trap a bird, it will irritate them enough to deter them. This means that birds will learn to avoid landing on areas where you regularly use this product.

When birds feel this gel on their feet, it makes them incredibly uncomfortable, but it does not kill or harm them. This is perfect for if you want those birds to leave your home alone, but you don’t want to treat them harshly.

Birds are smart, and they quickly remember unpleasant things. A flock of birds won’t want to land, perch, or nest anywhere close to where you use repellent gel. They will remember their feet sticking to the gel, and they will be quick to avoid that area in the future.

This gel usually goes well on multiple kinds of surfaces. And since most brands are transparent, it will blend in evenly with the rest of your property.

Best Bird Repellent Gels You Should Know About

In this article, I have decided to include some good brands of bird repellent gel that you should know about.

JT Eaton 666N

 Their 10-ounce caulking tube of bird repellent gel has a main ingredient of polybutene.

The polybutene creates a “tacky” surface that sticks to the bird’s feet. This product comes in a 12 pack, and also with a 1-year limited warranty. JT Eaton advertises that it can be applied to almost any structure where birds perch or choose to nest.

Bird B Gone MMTBG Transparent Bird Gel

Bird B Gone’s transparent gel has a few hundred positive reviews on Amazon. This 10-ounce tube will treat an area of around 10 feet.

With an active ingredient of polybutene, this gel creates a tacky surface to make a bird’s feet stick. This gel is advertised as being effective during a variety of temperatures and weather conditions.

JT Eaton 666N 4 The Birds Bird Repellent Gel


Bird B Gone MMTBG Transparent Bird Gel


Why Do I Want to Repel Birds From my Yard?

Plenty of people love birds, and they love to have them around in their yard. After all, there is a whole industry lead by people who love to watch birds. However, many people do not like birds on their property. Some of these reasons include:


Birds may be excessively noisy at different times of the day. Usually, people are dismayed when birds are loud early in the morning.


It can be very messy when birds are leaving their droppings all over your yard, home, car, and personal belongings.

Diseases and parasites

Bird droppings are not only messy, but they can also harbor diseases and parasites. Plus, bird excrement can contain uric acid, which may damage the paint on vehicles and homes.


Very often, birds are known for carrying mites. They can be passed to human beings, or even to beloved pets.


Birds can cause damage to your property, especially when they decide to start nesting in or nearby your home.

This can be especially true if they begin nesting above your windows, or in your gutters. Birds clogging your gutters may even eventually lead to roof damage. And roof damage can be costly to repair.

Eating your plants

If you grow your own fruit or vegetables, you may notice birds pecking at or eating your plants. This happens more often than people think.

Prey upon fish

And if you have an outdoor pond, some birds may prey upon your fish. If you have an outdoor pool, birds may leave feces, nest material, and other debris in your pool that can be hard to cleanout.

Nests indoors

When you do not effectively repel birds from your yard, they may decide to come into your home or garage.

If birds begin to make nests indoors, then the problems may only increase. Having birds inside your home may also increase the possible spread of disease or parasites.

If you have determined that birds have become a nuisance for you, it may be time to look for an effective way to repel them. 

Why Choose Bird Repellent Gel?

When there are many methods to choose for bird repellent, you may be wondering why you should choose gel. After all, you have a lot of choices when it comes to repelling birds, and you want to choose the right product for all of your needs.

Here are a few reasons that people choose bird repellent gel:

Bird repellent gel is easy to use

You do not have to be a professional to use bird repellent gel. It is easy to apply it to any surface that you need to. If you are able to properly use a caulking tube, then you will be able to easily apply the gel.

It can be applied to a variety of surfaces

Bird repellent gel can be applied to a variety of surfaces, including beams, windowsills, ledges, concrete, and more.

Does not depend on the climate

A good brand of repellent gel can be used in a variety of temperatures and weather conditions. This means you can use it no matter what climate you live in.

Gel is versatile

The gel is a very versatile product to use. It is also transparent and usually lasts for a long period of time without re-applications needed too often.

Bird Repellent Gel is cost-effective

A tube of repellent gel is generally more cost-effective than similar methods of repelling birds away from your property.

Safe for the environment

Bird repellent gel is often made from products that are safe for the environment. So it won’t harm birds, and it isn’t harsh to the Earth.

Bird repellent gel is applied to surfaces outdoors and is generally not used anywhere inside of your home.

Doesn’t kill birds

The gel repels birds but doesn’t kill them.

If other methods haven’t been working for you, maybe the above are some reasons why it would be good for you to try a good brand of repellent gel.

Bird Repellent Gel is Usually More Humane to Birds

Every day, people ask me about humane methods of pest control.

When people think about removing pests from their property, they may think about harming or killing the pests. But some people do not want to kill the pests, such as birds.

They also may not want to harm them, either. There are many good reasons why you may not want to harm or kill the birds, and instead choose to repel them. One good reason is not having to clean up a flock of deceased birds from your yard!

With gel, you are choosing a more humane method of repelling birds.

While repellent gel will aggravate birds in order to keep them away from your property, it will not result in dead birds laying in your yard. And I know that nobody wants to deal with that sort of mess.

Repellent Gel Can Work on Other Animals, Too

A lot of homeowners who have problems with birds also have issues with other pests, as well. Reviewers who have had success with bird repellent gel have also said that they find that it effectively repels other animals such as squirrels, rabbits, and other small mammals.

If you are looking to repel other small animals in addition to birds, you may want to research the brand of gel you are thinking of buying.

With the proper research, you should be able to easily find out if a certain brand also repels squirrels in addition to birds.

How Easy is it to Apply Bird Repellent Gel?

One thing that people usually find good about gel is how easy it is to apply it. Here are some of the steps of applying the gel to repel birds away from your property:

Choose the area

Make sure you are not placing the gel in any areas that may repel any birds or other animals that you desire to have around. The gel will tend to repel most large birds and smaller mammals in the area.

Clean the area and let it dry

Remove any debris, previous layers of gel, and other contaminants when starting out. Clean the area thoroughly in preparation for applying the bird gel.

Apply the gel in small beads

After the surface is fully dried, apply the gel in small beads. Each individual brand will have special instructions on the label about how much gel you should apply, and how much area you are able to cover.

Bird repellent gel is easy enough for almost anyone to use; you don’t have to be a pro at pest control methods in order to effectively use this method.

What Are Some Other Ways to Repel Birds?

I believe in being completely thorough, and I want to give you all the information you need to succeed. That is why I am going to tell you about some other easy ways to repel birds away from your property. After all, having a variety of methods is a good way to make sure you will be able to choose something that works for you.

When looking to deter birds from your home, one of the first things you should do is to remove possible food sources from around your property. If you frequently leave crumbs or scraps of food outdoors, this may naturally draw birds in.

Fake Predators Can be an Excellent Deterrent

Birds generally want to stay away from larger, predatory animals. This is also the science behind the idea of the scarecrow. These visual repellents are usually large, and also shaped like large predators.

They may commonly take the shape of owls, hawks, and big dogs. When birds see these, they may be completely deterred and decide to avoid your property. This method is commonly used by farmers to keep birds away from their crops.

The problem with fake predators is that they may not permanently deter birds. If a bird gets close enough to decide that the plastic animal is not a real threat, they may no longer be repelled.

Birds Don’t Like the Scent of Certain Essential Oils

Scents are commonly used to deter many types of animals. Birds are no different, seeing as how many smells can act to deter them from your property.

Peppermint oil, citronella, garlic oil, and similar scents may be effective at deterring birds away from your property.

You may also combine ingredients such as crushed red pepper and vinegar in a spray bottle to disperse around your property.

Sounds Are Also Effective Deterrents

While they may not work as well as other methods, you can use wind chimes or other sound devices to scare birds away from your home.

However, over time birds may get used to the sound of these items, and no longer be afraid. In this instance, these things may become ineffective at repelling birds.

Spikes Can Be a Powerful Repellent

Many hardware stores sell strips of spikes in order to deter birds and other animals away from your property.

These spikes make it difficult for birds to perch or land on the area that you place them at. However, these spikes may also be inhumane since they can hurt a bird’s foot.

Conclusion: Does Bird Repellent Gel Really Work?

Well, we have discussed how bird repellent gel works, and we’ve also talked about how effective this method of pest control is. After reading, are you feeling more confident about the use of bird repellent gel for your pest problems?

No matter what kind of pests you are facing, you can visit my site and get answers to your problems. Pest Removal FAQ has articles about repelling pests of every kind, such as bed bugs, mosquito’s, wasps, rodents, and more.

For example, are you having trouble with bed bugs, and you’re wondering if bed bug traps are effective? Check out this full guide on the site here.

Related Questions

Why do I want to repel birds away from my property? Bird droppings and nests on your property may be unsightly and messy. Bird droppings and feathers also may carry diseases, mites, or parasites. Depending on the type of bird that is on your property, the birds may also be excessively noisy early in the morning.

What pests are most harmful to my home and yard? Some of the most harmful pests to your home include fire ants, centipedes, Black Widow spiders, and scorpions. However, too many of any type of bug or animal can make them a harmful pest. Through effective pest control methods, there is no reason you have to deal with any of these nuisances.

What is the best way to repel birds? Visual repellents such as plastic predators can be very helpful in repelling birds away from your property. A gel is also an incredibly effective way to repel birds without harming them. Other methods include garlic oil and wind chimes can be effective to a certain extent.

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