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Does Raid® Kill Lizards?

Not a fan of lizards in your house? Maybe you want to find a quick way of getting rid of them. Maybe, you come across the popular Raid® spray that’s still sitting in your cabinet and you wonder if it’ll work on lizards, too.

So, does Raid® kill lizards? Yes. Raid® is a powerful pesticide that can even hurt humans. It certainly can kill pesky lizards, though it may take a few exposures and it’s not exactly the most humane way of dealing with these little creatures. 

There are other effective options for repelling lizards. But if you are looking for a fast method with something you have at hand, Raid® will do fine. If you are looking for other ways to get rid of lizards, including some humane methods, read this in-depth guide!

First, why do lizards invade your space?

Lizards are not after humans or pets. If you find them around your property, they are probably trying to fetch their meals. Below are a few reasons why lizards keep invading your space: 

  • You have insects on your property
  • You leave your doors and windows open
  • You reside in a lizard-friendly climates
  • You offer many places for the lizards to hide 
  • You have leaky pipes and bad drainage
  • You leave fruits and foods uncovered

How do you kill lizards with Raid®?

Simply spraying Raid® at a particular place will repel lizards, and that might be all you need or want to do. 

Spraying Raid® directly onto lizards also works, but the lizards will likely die a slow death. Raid® is an insecticide that stops, or slows, muscle activity. So, you’ll harm them but you might not get them down with the first exposure.

Once you’ve sprayed a lizard, essentially stopping them from moving, you can easily put them in a plastic bag and place them in the trash. They’ll eventually die there.

But if you aren’t able to immediately bag them up, they might escape and leave the immediate environment. If they hide around your house, they’ll likely come out when their breathing becomes difficult. That will give you the chance to spray them again. 

Please keep in mind, while using Raid® you need to ensure you don’t breathe in the strong fumes, as it can affect your lungs. While using it, cover your nose and your skin. 

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How effective are chemicals in repelling lizards?

Chemical sprays like Baygon, HIT, and Raid® Max can be very effective in repelling lizards for a short amount of time. As described above, they inhibit muscular activity in the creatures that ingest the fumes. This stops them in their tracks and/or eventually kills them.

But while these chemicals are great at warding off these creatures, they may not be a perfect long term option. Why? Most importantly, it isn’t so healthy for humans (or household pets) to inhale chemical fumes

What other chemicals can I use to kill lizards?

Here are other chemicals and sprays you can use to get rid of lizards.


Using bleach is another quick method to rid yourself of these critters. You can pour bleach over the top of the lizards to kill them. Bleach will burn, poison, and eventually kill them. 

Bleach will also help to kill their eggs. This is particularly helpful if you’re dealing with a lizard infestation. 

Bifen L/P Granules

Bifen L/P is an effective granular insecticide that can be used on lizards as well. You’ll need a granular spreader to use Bifen LP granules – simply apply it all over the property. 

This chemical will also help you get rid of a long list of insects, which will significantly reduce the presence of insects on your property. Eventually, this means you’ll take away the lizard’s food source, eliminating the problem at the source.

Bioadvanced Complete Insect Killer  

This is a versatile insect killer that also works for lizards. This product contains Imidacloprid and Beta-Cyfluthrin active ingredients which can kill lizards in direct or indirect contact. This solution takes effect on lizards when it is ingested or comes in direct contact with the pest. The pesticide is available in granular, liquid, and pellet forms. 

Red HIT spray

Red HIT spray also works for lizards. It might take a dozen sprays to actually get the lizard down with this spray, but it works. This pesticide will kill insects and get rid of lizards.

Here’s a tip: Try to spray with a device that’ll get into cracks and crevices where insects and lizards hide. 

Is it humane to kill lizards with chemicals like Raid®?

Using Raid® to kill lizards might be fast and somewhat efficient, but it is not humane. Killing lizards with chemicals will make them suffer intense pain

Lizards have the same neurological components for pain as humans. So they’ll suffer a chemical attack with the same intensity.

The decision to use chemicals on lizards is a highly personal one, contingent upon many factors, including your aversion to the creatures.

Humane ways to get rid of lizards

So, maybe you’re considering the fact that some gardeners actually want lizards on their property for insect control. Additionally, you may want to find something more natural as a long-term basis solution, one that is safer for your family. 

Here are a few kind and simple ways that repel lizards:

  • Use essential oils around your house (e.g., peppermint or eucalyptus)
  • Use lizard-repelling plants
  • Place eggshells, coffee, or garlic in areas where they like to hang out (lizards find these disgusting)
  • “Attack” lizards with an ice spray, then pick them up and place them somewhere outside in the sun
  • Keep your house clean so you don’t provide the food supply

Where do you net out?

Many people also consider killing lizards to be wasteful since they are pest control agents. They are amazing insectivores who might rid your home and garden of pesky ants, spiders, and flies. Some people might be able to pick them up and take them outside where they can feed on. 

But this may be scary for you! For you, lizards may be the most disgusting creature. That’s understandable, too. So, what do you do?

First, if you’ve got lizards in your property, you’ve got to find out what’s bringing them in. There’s a reason for their continuous visits and if you don’t find out what’s causing it, they’ll keep coming. Deal with the problem at its source.

The best individuals to solve your lizard problem (and potentially related insect problem) are exterminators. Chemical treatments are harmful to humans. You want to avoid exposure as much as possible. Plus, the exterminators know the best way to get rid of these pesky creatures, so you won’t waste your time. 

Ethically speaking, because it is an inhumane treatment using Raid® to kill lizards, it shouldn’t be your first option. But there are other humane procedures you can easily use to repel these critters. Although these procedures are slow, they actually work.

If you have exhausted your other options, and choose to use Raid®, please ensure you observe safety caution.

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