Does TerraShield really repel bees?

No doubt, bees are really pesky insects, they could scare you with their stingers and keep you frightened with their yellow jackets especially if you are allergic to bees. At first, you might want to kill those bees with toxic chemicals, but on second thought, you really need the bees to pollinate your flowers and keep your plants’ life cycle going. There are natural bee repellents you can use instead of harming your bees. One of them is doTERRA TerraShield.

So, does TerraShield really repel bees? Yes, it does. It is a blend of effective essential oils that can help you ward off bees and other disturbing insects. TerraShield is made of natural ingredients, so it doesn’t harm the bees or intoxicate humans. It simply provides you an outdoor solution that keeps the bees away all through your adventure. 

In this article, you’ll learn about the doTERRA TerraShield essential oil blend. You’ll find out how to use it properly for great results. You’ll also discover other alternatives that’ll help you keep the bees away especially in summer.

What is TerraShield? 

TerraShield is a blend of natural plant-protecting essential oils. You see, nature is amazing! There are many plants that possess these oils. They provide a vapor barrier that effectively protects them from threats (pests and predators) in their environment. DoTerra utilizes this gift from nature to produce an effective product (TerraShield) for outdoor activities in warm months and beyond. 

What is in TerraShield?

TerraShield contains natural essential oils including lemon eucalyptus,  cedarwood, litsea, ylang ylang, arborvitae, nootka,  vanilla bean absolute, and catnip in a base of fractionated coconut oil. All of these have certain chemical compounds known to prevent environmental annoyances. 

What is doTERRA TerraShield used for?

It will protect you from insects, such as bees. They won’t come near you, so no humming or stinging. 

TerraShield essential oil blend has a fresh, light citrus fragrance which is refreshing and pleasant to all. It is used to enhance outdoor adventure without making you uncomfortable with harsh or toxic scent. You’ll love its special woodsy and vanilla-sweet scent. 

How does TerraShield work?

Summer is a very inviting season, people love to go out to see the best of nature – the flowers, the excitement, the adventures. You’ll want to have a great time outdoors, so you don’t want to have much trouble with bees! So if you want to get outside, wherever summer might lead you, take TerraShield with you. 

TerraShield combines a propriety blend of safe and effective essential oils in a base of fractionated coconut oil. This outdoor blend is quite different from other products, it doesn’t contain toxic chemicals that are harmful to your health. Due to its organic nature, TerraShield is safe for everyone to use. 

TerraShield helps you manage exposure to biting insects. One application of this insect repellent provides six hours of protection. 

It gives a soothing effect to your skin. It’s scent is invigorating and harmless. TerraShield is a trusted essential oil to repel bees and other insects. It’s a perfect outdoor companion. 

Can you diffuse doTERRA TerraShield? 

To keep the insects from ruining your amazing moments in summer, you can diffuse the oil instead of spraying it on your skin. This oil blend can also be your secret formula for all your outdoor hosting events in summer.

Simply add four drops of TerraShield to your diffuser, and the scent will make your patio dinner party bee-free and guests itch-free, without a harsh chemical fragrance. 

It can assist you if you are getting ready for an exclusive outdoor barbeque. You won’t need to bother about the bees, TerraShield oil blend will keep the bees away and allow you and your friends to have a good time. 

How do you Use doTERRA TerraShield? 

You can keep bees away if you use doTERRA essential oils correctly. You don’t need extensive training to learn how to use it, all you need is a proper understanding of safety cautions and simple application procedures.

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Different methods of applying TerraShield essential oil:


  • You should use just 3-4 drops in any diffuser of your choice. 
  • Do you really want to repel the bees? You want them far from your home, make sure you spray the diffused blend around your windows, tent, and seals.

Topical use

  • Simply apply doTERRA essential oils to desired areas before going out. Take the essential oil with you, you might need to reapply after a few hours. 
  • Apply TerraShield to your arms, neck, and legs. 
  • When going on camping trips or staying longer outdoors, take TerraShield essential oil along with you, you might just need it. 

Warning: Make sure TerraShield doesn’t get in contact with sensitive areas like your eyes or inner ear. Keep out of the reach of children. If you are pregnant, still nursing a child, or under a doctor’s care, It’s important you consult your doctor before use. This essential oil blend is only for external use – do not use it internally.

Can I use doTERRA TerraShield on my dogs?

Yes, you can. As a pet owner, you want to keep mosquitoes, ticks, and fleas away from your pets. You can effectively protect your dog from harmful insects. TerraShield Oil Blend has got your pets covered, too!

Simply use the spray either in addition to another traditional topical product or just on its own. 

Is TerraShield safe for babies and kids?

Your baby and/or kids need protection from those insects, too! You don’t need to leave your kids out of summer adventures, you can take them with you. And yes, TerraShield is safe for babies. It is made of natural ingredients so don’t be scared that chemicals will affect your children.   

To get the safest results while applying topically on your baby’s skin, simply dilute it with a carrier oil such as olive oil or coconut oil. You can spray the essential oil blend on your baby’s accessories like the strollers, clothing, or blankets. 

Your older kids can experience the best summer when you protect them better with TerraShield. For optimum results when applying topically, go for your kids’ legs and arms.

Can you do a DIY of essential oils instead?

You can absolutely do a DIY essential oil blend instead of buying TerraShield. You don’t have to kill your bees, simply follow this guide to make an essential oil blend to repel bees. 



  • Simply add the essential oils (5 drops citronella oil and 20 drops of peppermint oil) to the distilled water and shake it up in a spray bottle. 
  • There you have it! Your essential oils bee repellent is ready for use. Simply spray around your window, in your backyard, in your patio, etc to repel bees.
  • Make sure the spray doesn’t come in contact with your food, keep the spray bottle away from children. It is only for external use. Don’t apply near your face or on your eyes.

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Caution: Never apply citrus oils on your skin before going out. This oil can cause severe burns when exposed to sunlight. 

Moreover, if you are uncertain whether to wear an oil outdoor, do well to consult the company you bought it from. 

However, doTERRA TerraShield is completely safe for topical use and you can wear it under the sun. 

Putting It All Together: Does TerraShield repel bees?

At the end of the day, we don’t want to kill bees. We just want them away from our skin and or our homes but not our world. We desperately need them to pollinate our plants.

You simply need a repellent that tells the bees to get off you! The Dotterra TerraShield can tell the bees and many other annoying insects to get off you without harming you or them with toxic chemicals.  

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