Best Bird Spikes to Prevent Birds from Nesting

Best for flat surfaces


These sturdy steel bird spikes will work best on flat surfaces. They are reasonably priced and can cover a large surface area. Easy installing with screws, adhesive, or ties.

Best flexible strips


These flexible bird spikes work best on uneven surfaces. Because of their polycarbonate base, they can be bent to fit any surface. The glue makes it easy to install.

Whether you own a home, business, or property, pest birds can become a serious problem if you don’t act fast and stop them from nesting around you.

Fortunately, you can fix this problem easily by installing bird spikes. They are the perfect solution to drive away pest birds such as pigeons and gulls.

Here, we’ve listed the best spikes to prevent birds from nesting around your property. Not just that, we’ve also created a comprehensive guide that’ll lead you through the process of choosing the right product.

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What are bird spikes?

Bird spikes are long needle-like rods used to prevent birds from nesting in a certain area. These objects are usually attached to specific spots like eaves, roofs, window sills, and anywhere else large birds land or congregate.

They usually come in different styles and sizes. Most are made of steel, while some may have plastic parts.

Birds find these spikes uncomfortable and won’t land on them, keeping them away from desired areas around your building.

They are a good DIY pest bird solution that can be inexpensive and easily installed on almost every kind of surface including glass, plastic, metal, wood, masonry, brick, and steel.

Do anti-bird spikes really work?

Yes, bird spikes work effectively to prevent larger birds from landing. You’ll have to get it installed correctly and ensure you are using it for the right type of birds.

They deter large birds effectively. Pigeons, gulls, and crows won’t land on them because their large feet aren’t adapted for landing on spiky branches and twigs.

They are designed for walking and need quite a bit of space to land and maneuver. Bird spikes block and cover the areas the big birds can land and walk around, making it impossible for them to nest around that spiky area.

However, certain small-sized species, such as sparrows may not be permanently deterred when you only use spikes. Why?

Have you ever seen small birds clutch on cables or tiny branches? They could clutch on the spikes the same way. This is why you might find them building nests around them and eventually covering them up.

So, anti-bird spikes can help with bird control if you are dealing with larger birds. But, they are an ideal perching area for small pest birds. So you’ll have to use spikes along with another approach to prevent them from nesting around your property. You can add other deterrents like electric tracks. This will help you ward off the smaller birds.

Are bird spikes safe?

Bird spikes are safe and environmentally friendly. Spikes are only designed to make it hard for birds to land in certain areas where they are used. They don’t cause any harm, pain, or injury. So while they drive them away, they don’t hurt them.

Where should you install bird spikes?

Bird spikes would be effective in areas where birds might have been nesting. So, you should inspect your property and note down where they usually perch first.

You can now take note of the space you might need to protect. Generally, bird spikes are great for the following places:

  • Ledges
  • Window sills
  • Roof edges
  • Parapet walls
  • Light posts and other
  • Wall fixtures
  • Eaves
  • Pipes
  • Chimneys

Birds have a habit of landing on these areas. So, it’ll be smart to place spikes to prevent them from nesting in their favorite spots.

How to install bird spikes

Now, for your spikes to work effectively you have to install them properly. Below, we’ll show you how to do it!

First, you have to clean the area you intend to install the spikes. Completely clear it of all bird droppings, nesting materials, and debris. Bird droppings sometimes carry diseases, so wear protective materials while cleaning.

To install your spikes on the desired areas, you can either use screws or adhesive.

Screws work perfectly on wood surfaces. In most spikes, you’ll find holes on either side. You’ll have to ensure you secure both ends tightly.

The adhesive method works best on concrete but you can secure bird spikes on different surfaces with it.

For the best result, use both methods combined. Screw down the spikes and use adhesive. Outdoor construction adhesive is recommended.

Tips for preventing birds from nesting using bird spikes

Here are a few ways that can help the whole process to be a little bit more effective:

  • Ensure you stick the base of the bird spikes on the same level of the surface you intend to use it on.
  • Leave a slight overhang of the pins on the edge of the pipe or ledge.
  • Make sure there’s no gap between the spikes you install. If there are a lot of gaps (over 2 inches), the birds will get in between them. So, be sure to use enough rows of bird spikes on very wide ledges.
  • Ask your contractors such as window cleaners and painters to be careful and not to damage the spikes. If they do, replace them as soon as possible.

What type of spikes should you choose for your pest bird?

As mentioned earlier, there are plastic and stainless steel bird spikes. They both perform the same function, but the steel spikes are a bit better.

First, they are less visible and blend in with a building’s architecture better than plastic spikes. Steel spikes are also more durable, so they can withstand both direct sunlight and hot temperatures.

If you have more surface area to protect, you should probably consider steel. They are normally wider than the plastic ones.

More often than not, the strips of spikes will come in 3-, 5-, and 7-inch lengths. They can be attached end-to-end to cover any desired surface.

Now, there are different kinds of spikes in the market. As expected, some work better than others.

Here, we are going to help you narrow down your options by bringing you the best bird spikes available in the market. We’ll also include their pros and cons. This will make the decision process simpler.

Product Recommendations: Best Bird Spikes

Remiawy: Best for Flat Surfaces

Remiawy bird spikes deter pest birds on all types of surfaces. They are virtually invisible and provide a long-term solution to ward off pesky birds and animals.

Remiawy bird repellent strip provides you value for your money. They are very easy to install. They come with pre-drilled holes at the bottom and they cover a large surface area.

You will get 14 bird spikes. They cover 15-feet. This is one of the highest-quality bird spikes available in the market.

  • Ideal and humane bird repellent spike   
  • Very effective option to prevent birds from nesting
  • Large surface area coverage (up to 30 ft)
  • Very easy to install & comes pre-assembled if you want
  • Highly durable stainless steel material
  • Virtually invisible
  • Black and silver available
  • Reasonable price
  • Works best on flat surfaces, not as flexible
  • Spray paint doesn’t stick very well to these spikes
  • May not be good for deterring squirrels

Aspectek: Best for Uneven Surfaces

Aspectek steel bird spikes work for different kinds of surfaces. You’ll enjoy durability and quality with these spikes due to their heavy-duty stainless steel and UV-protected polycarbonate base.

Humane and effective in repelling pest birds such as pigeons, starlings, crows, blackbirds, grackles, seagulls, swallows, bats, and even climbing animals.

They are easy to install as they also come with silicone glue. They’ve got 10 individual strips that are 12 inches long and 5 inches wide.

  • Incredibly flexible base (able to bend 360°) 
  • Join strips to leave no gaps
  • Fast and easy installation
  • Sturdy with stainless steel and a polycarbonate plastic base
  • Great surface area coverage
  • Perfect for uneven or slim surfaces (such as fences, pipes, etc.)
  • Reasonable price
  • No guarantees stated for these spikes