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Do Ultrasonic Repellents Work For Lizards?

You are probably searching for an effective method to keep the lizards away, and now, you’ve heard about ultrasonic repellents. You are wondering if it’ll help you repel lizards from your property. 

Well… ultrasonic repellents emit high frequency pulsed electromagnetic waves that claim they can deter pests, such as lizards. However, there are a lot of products on the market. While many, if not all, claim to work, there’s a high chance most don’t. The effectiveness may depend on the product and the way you use it.

Certain procedures can help ensure the effectiveness of these devices. However, these devices may not be the best for severe infestations. 

First, how do ultrasonic repellents work?

Sensory-repellent devices are seemingly safe mechanisms that already ancient Chinese used to ward off pests from their garden. Due to their ease of use, homeowners find ultrasonic products enticing. Plus, the fact that the sounds are silent to human ears makes them seem suitable for homeowners looking for a humane method to deter lizards. 

The repellents are plugged into a home’s electric outlet. They then emit sounds that are disruptive to pests, such as lizards. These sounds should cause a psychological response in the pests. In other words, they’ll hate it! 

The repellents should make the now confused animals flee. If the sounds are truly a nuisance, the pests would no longer gather food, build nests, or communicate near the noise.

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Do ultrasonic repellents work for lizards?

The answer is quite tricky. The ultrasound used in ultrasonic repellents is supposedly made high enough to affect and repel pests. Normally, an ultrasound frequency of above 20 kHz is used for lizards.

However, some homeowners have complained that these repellents are only effective at first. Over time, the lizards get used to the sound. This may be true. It also may be true that there is no reliable evidence to suggest they work at all! If you are still willing to try an ultrasonic repellent, there are procedures that may boost the effectiveness of these devices. I’ll mention them below! 

It should be noted that these devices would probably not, in any way, cover for other lapses that may be inviting lizards into your property. To completely get rid of pest problems, you must get rid of the source. The use of these devices is limited, so you must ensure that you keep a clean house that’s uninviting to lizards.

Tips to prevent lizards from getting into your property 

Here are a few tips to prevent lizards from infiltrating your home in the first place:

  • Clean up your house. This ensures you have less damp, dusty, and closed-off spots that appeal to lizards.
  • Try to keep your windows and doors closed.
  • Seal off any cracks and holes on your property. These are entry points for lizards and other pests.
  • Turn off your lights when you don’t need them or when you aren’t in the room. Just like many other pests, lizards are attracted to light as well.
  • Leave the right amount of space (about 5-6 inches / 13-15 cm) between your furniture and the walls. This will help avoid giving lizards cozy hiding spots.
  • Lizards feed on insects so keep your house insect-free. With no prey to hunt, lizards will leave your house, too!
  • Too many hangings on the walls create hiding spots for lizards. Try to reduce the number of hangings you have in the house.
  • Clear out trash cans and stagnant water regularly. This is where insects breed and these spots will attract lizards.

How to make ultrasonic repellents more effective

Here are some simple procedures to boost the effectiveness of your ultrasonic repellents: 

  • Identify a room that has signs of lizard infestation. 
  • Once you have identified an area, plug the unit into an outlet that is open to the rest of the compartment. 
  • Don’t place the device behind your furniture where the sound wave may be blocked.
  • Use multiple units: ultrasonic waves are more light than sound. They cannot penetrate solid surfaces like walls, floors, and roofs, or travel around corners. This is why you need a unit for each room involved.
  • Ensure you keep the device around 2 to 4 feet (0.6 to 1.2 meters) above ground level.
  • Leave the device ON during nighttime because pests are more active at night.
  • Try keeping the device in the center of the room. This will increase its effectiveness.
  • Get well-reviewed products from a trustworthy source. Ultrasonic repellents are not guaranteed to work, however many are on the market. Do your research!

Other remedies to get rid of lizards

In addition to using ultrasonic repellents, here are a few methods that you can try to keep lizards away:

  • Coffee & tobacco: balls made of coffee powder and tobacco powder are great to get rid of lizards. Placing these balls around the corners of your house will help. Keep them out of reach for kids and pets!
  • Naphthalene balls: place the naphthalene balls in every drawer, cupboard, or corner. The smell of the ball will irritate the lizards and make them go away. Keep them out of reach for kids and pets!
  • Pepper or garlic spray: mix some pepper or garlic powder in water and spray it around the house where you mostly see lizards. They are allergic to pepper and hate the smell of garlic. So, they will run off because of the subsequent discomfort.
  • Eggshells: curiously, eggshells have a fragrant smell that disgusts lizards. The smell gives them the impression that there is a bigger, more dangerous creature nearby.
  • Lemongrass: the citrusy odor of lemongrass will help drive lizards away. At the same time, it’ll keep your house smelling decent, too.

So, do ultrasonic repellents work for lizards?

Ultimately, you want to buy something you know can solve your pest problems. Ultrasonic repellents are one method that might do the trick, but you must be able to use it wisely and strategically. In this article, I’ve listed examples.

And one more thing: please ensure you get the right product, one with quality reviews from a reputable source. 

And in a case of severity, it’s always advisable to contact an exterminator. This way, you can be sure that you’ll end your lizard problems.

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