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Can Pest Control Get Rid of Birds?

Birds are adorable creatures. You might enjoy having them around your property if you are a nature lover. But there’s a huge difference between the hummingbirds flying around your surroundings and pest birds, like pigeons, building nests on and around your house.

So, can pest control get rid of birds? Yes, pest control can for the most part get rid of birds. If you use bird deterrents such as bird spikes, bird nets, and bird repellent gel you can keep birds from roosting in specific areas. Visual and audio deterrents become less effective over time, though.

Certain species of birds can become a problem for humans when they nest or roost very close to residential properties. In fact, bird droppings can cause health risks and a reasonable increase in maintenance costs. This is why many homeowners seek a method of getting rid of pest birds. 

It all depends on the methods used to get rid of them. Here, you’ll find out the most effective tricks for getting rid of birds. Keep reading! 

Can pest control really get rid of birds?

To get rid of birds on your property, you can employ the services of a professional or attempt a DIY solution. DIY pest control methods usually include the use of scarecrows, audio deterrents, bird spikes, bird nets, and bird repellent gel.

The problem with some of these methods is that they tend to fall short of expectations.

For instance, scarecrows (objects designed to resemble predators), like plastic snakes and fake owls, might scare pest birds from your property for a while at least. But birds are fast learners! They’ll eventually discover that the plastic snake can’t hurt them. 

Then, they’ll start ignoring the snake and continue causing troubles on your own property. This also applies to other scarecrows like balloons and fake owls. While these objects may get rid of birds for some time, it won’t be long till they come back. 

How about audio deterrents? You might have heard that certain sounds can drive birds away. This is true, there are repulsing sounds that actually ward off these creatures. 

However, they’ll also adapt to the sounds and these audio deterrents would become less effective over time. This is the same way we humans learn to sleep in spite of sounds from different home appliances or street noises.

What sounds frighten birds?

There are several sounds that frighten off birds. Both artificial and natural sounds scare birds. Some natural sounds include the shriek of a predator bird like a hawk and some other birds’ distress call.

Birds are also afraid of artificial sounds such as high frequency, ultrasonic sounds.

It’s obvious now that these methods do not stand the test of time. Don’t get so worried! Let me teach you how to get rid of those annoying birds without having to see them again.

Can bird pest control be effective?

Yes, bird control methods can be effective only when you do it correctly. First, it’s very important that you identify the species of the bird troubling you. Why? 

Some species of birds are protected against control and extermination in certain parts of the world. This means you can only exterminate or control the species that are not protected by regulations.

However, you should know that the longer you allow birds to roost and nest around your environment, the harder it will be to get rid of them. It’s better to seek solutions immediately when you discover a bird invasion on your property.

Now, let’s talk about pest control methods that get rid of birds!

I know you want to avoid property damage, clogged drains, health hazards and unforeseen expenses birds can cause.

Below, you’ll find effective, safe and practical ways to get rid of birds. 

Pest birds often look out for comfortable perches to build their nests. These deterrents are used to make birds around your property as uncomfortable as possible. Unlike scarecrows, they don’t give the birds the option to ignore!

Bird spikes

Bird spikes are usually used on narrow surfaces to create a roosting-free and nesting-free area. They can drive away even the most stubborn species of birds. These spikes perfectly blend in with the surroundings, making them unnoticeable to birds. 

Although bird spikes cause no harm to these creatures, you’ll need to check the spikes every now and then to clean out and grass or twigs birds might place there since it will reduce the effectiveness of the spikes.

Bird netting 

A net is a good method for bird pest control. Attaching bird netting to specified areas would prevent birds from building nests or roosting on your trees or in your gutters. This would safeguard your property from disturbances caused by birds. A net can also prevent birds from stealing your delicious fruits on your trees.

Shock tracks

Shock tracks are very reliable and easy options for warding off birds. They are effective when glued or discreetly laid to any surface. They produce a very mild electric shock that scares birds away when they land on this surface. 

Fortunately, shock tracks only scare the birds away, they don’t kill them! They are actually safe for both humans and birds, you just need to place them in strategic places like the rooflines, beams, and edges.


Traps like nest boxes can also be used to ward off disturbing birds. These traps do not cause any harm to the birds, the birds can be released or exterminated outside.

Please note: some local ordinances might require you to collect permits for such an activity (exterminating birds). 

Professional control

If you don’t have any idea on how to fix your bird issue, hiring a pest control professional that has the expertise and access to suitable products can be a great method. Professional control would deal with your specific needs in the safest and most efficient way possible. Click here to get free pest control quotes!

So, does pest control really get rid of birds?

Bird spikes and shock tracks are the most effective ways to deter pest birds. However, you may also scare other birds away. Netting can be useful for certain situations too but your garden layout may not allow for setup.

Scarecrows are not completely ineffective. If you have to use them, ensure that you frequently change the artificial predators, so the birds don’t easily get used to a specific figure. This is the only strategy to keep birds away using scarecrows. 

This also works for sound deterrents and flashing light devices. You can intensify your efforts by changing the location of these devices from time to time. If you have to buy special products to get rid of birds, make sure you use them according to their stipulated directions.

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